Is G2A Legit, Safe or a Scam? See How it Works

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Before going to the review and working of G2A and decide whether it is trustworthy or scam, let’s check what G2A actually is. The G2A is a website which is also called an online marketplace to find the game keys. You can also search for the PSN (PlayStation Network) and Xbox Live credits. Now, let’s check the working of G2A and check whether it is reliable or not.

Is G2A Legit, Safe or a Scam

What is G2A?

You most probably know about the Gumtree, Amazon, and eBay. Such sites bring buyers and sellers together and exchange products, services, etc. with money and coupons. Similar working to such sites, G2A is an online global marketplace which sells activation codes and keys for games, credits for Xbox One and PlayStation, and other software codes.

How G2A works?

To make it clear, the site does not sell things by itself. Remember it is a marketplace where sellers (users like you and me) sell such things. What a buyer need to do is, buy the needed key or code, then get it in the mailbox and go to the relevant platforms to download and activate the game. Keep in mind that, a buyer should use the original server platforms like Ubisoft Uplay and vice versa to get the game, not from G2A.

Is G2A Legit, Safe or a Scam?

As G2A not selling codes by itself and acts as a third-party marketplace, there are some occasions where sellers had/have selling fraudulent keys. But, this can happen on any site, and it includes eBay and Gumtree too. Scammers are present everywhere. So, there are some issues happened or happening with the buyers on G2A also and to counteract such situations, G2A has implemented a feature called G2A shield.

Features of G2A Shield:

  • It is applied to all products on G2A including keys, codes, time cards, CSGO Skins, etc.
  • If you have ordered mistakenly or want to withdraw it within five minutes of purchase, you can do it easily and without any hassle
  • Protection from fraud (Cheaters have their own ways!)
  • For the sellers on G2A marketplace, this is a must thing to have which means seller can’t cheat with fraudulent details
  • If you find the same product at low price at somewhere else, the difference will be refunded
  • Online chat function is very helpful to the new users and confused minds

We have checked many communities where users have made negative reviews for G2A, and we found that the genuine buyers who actually bought keys or codes from G2A had no issue with the purchase and approved them as valid. And yes, there are right issues in some cases with the game codes, but the reason might be they revoked by the publishers themselves or may do this in future. So, overall we can say that the G2A is a legit site and is not a scam.

How to buy a game on G2A and what is the price?

Go to the site and search for the game of which keys you want. Make sure to select on “G2A selected offer” to have a key from a marketplace seller. Check the seller ratings and reviews. It will help you to decide whether you should buy from that seller or not. Remember that you don’t need G2A Shield if you are purchasing directly from G2A. Also, make sure to check your region before buying anything.

The price depends on the product you are buying. But overall, all the keys and codes are available at almost at half of actual prices on official publishers. This thing raises a question in mind that if G2A is safe and legit, then why the keys are so cheap? Well, you may need to 51% shares of the website to get the 100% right answer, but one thing for sure is, if you have G2A Shield, you can’t get a fraud deal on G2A.

Is G2A Shield worth it?

If you are using G2A regularly, then it is recommended to get G2A shield. But if you are looking for only a one-time purchase on G2A or even a couple of purchases, then you should go for the trusted sellers who have a lot of reviews to save your few dollars. So, it’s up to you.

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