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TruthFinder is a people search website. The main aim of this site is that people can search for anyone in the US. They can also have the contact information, family background, and even the criminal records. It is paid, and you have to give your credit card number. Now, this is quite risky. Just because of this point, many people are pointing out a finger on TruthFinder. All have a question in mind – Is TruthFinder legit?

Is Truthfinder Legit or a Scam- Find Reviews

We will give all the information here in TruthFinder reviews, and surely some more facts regarding the same. First of all, let’s understand how does it work!

  • Like any other People Search Websites, TruthFinder uses the database of public records and gives you the information you have asked for! It uses access of social networks, including state, federal, and local information.
  • TruthFinder also promises that the website is safe, that means no one can hack the system, and mainly the customers and their information is secured and confidential.
  • Before you receive the results you have applied for, TruthFinder makes you agree to the terms and conditions that you are not going to use this information for any illegal purpose. You will not stalk or harass anyone and will not spread this information in public. The other thing to keep in mind is that these reports should not be used in taking some important decision of your life like employment, or financial decisions.
  • TruthFinder gives access to Civil Judgements and some Corporate Affiliations, some UCC, Properties, Voter cards, Contact Details, Professional Licenses, Permits, Foreclosures, Criminal Records, Neighbors, Business Associates, etc.
  • You can not access TruthFinder on your mobile phone. For using it, you must have a PC.

Is TruthFinder free?

TruthFinder offers a free trial for the online reports, but if the customers want to access these checks, they have to pay the amount as per their membership plan. The price is depending on the membership span.

Customers can pay on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. All memberships are on the auto-renewal basis at the end of your subscription. If you want to stop this system, you need to cancel it in advance. To cancel the subscription, you can call (800) 699-8081. The phone line is open by 24*7.

There is also a refund policy if the users have some valid and justified reasons why they want to take their money back! One can get the return in 30 days.

Is TruthFinder safe?

This is a controversial question. Most of the people believe that this kind of websites which do background checks are a scam. They charge high fees to the people and provide some very basic information which can be found easily by anyone.

Some people also suggest not to trust such reports as they are incomplete and inaccurate. They are waste of time and money. So never ignore the negative comments of TruthFinder scam and think twice before paying the cost.

Some other common issues with this website are,

  • High price,
  • Poor customer service,
  • Difficulty in cancellation, etc.

As per the reviews here, we are not recommending TruthFinder. We are not even suggesting any other websites like this one. So try to avoid ‘People Search Websites’ and invest that amount of money in something else. Be a safe and smart player!

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