How to Know If eBay Buyer is Legit – Guide to Know About Scam on eBay

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If you’re new to eBay, and you’re selling some expensive and pricey items like a TV or a laptop or a mobile phone, you’re an easy target for scammers out there. And if you’re new to this online selling platform, you can’t just recognize that an eBay buyer is legit or not. Unfortunately, hundreds of people fall into the scammers trap every day. The first thing you need to know is what type of damage these frauds can do, and then, I’ll tell you some points from which you can recognize if eBay buyer is legit or he is one of those scammers.


 Fake buyers on eBay

There are a lot of scammers on eBay with a lot of different techniques, or we should call them “traps.” These frauds are done for various objectives. One of the most common frauds is “Fake Payment.” In this, the Buyer will ask for your email address or your PayPal address. Then they will send you a mail stating that the payment is done, but in reality, you didn’t receive that payment. Many new sellers often fall into this trap, and they think that this is a genuine email, and they ship the item. 

If you don’t want to fall into such types of scams, you can just follow some of the checkpoints, and you can recognize that the Buyer is legit or not.

 How to know If eBay buyer is legit?

  • If a buyer is offering a higher price than you demanded

Yes, If you’re selling some items with an expensive price tag, some scammer may try to lure you with a price higher than you demanded. If you get such a type of proposal, you can save your time and energy and reject that proposal and try to find some other instead.  

  • Someone with fishy profile

You can see that a person who is trying to buy an item from is genuine or not by just doing a profile check. One common thing in every scammer’s profile is the account’s life span. If you notice that the profile has been created within a few days, then this could be a red signal. Always be aware of such type of buyers

  • If a buyer is asking for your PayPal address 

As I mentioned earlier, The most common scam is where the Buyer sends you the “Fake payment” email. If a buyer is asking you for your PayPal address or your email address, then there is a possibility that this Buyer is a scammer.

  • If a buyer has a questionable eBay history

You should always check the background of the Buyer, if the Buyer has a dubious background history, like two or more than “not-paid” complaints registered against the profile then you should not waste your time because the person could be a scammer.

  • If the mailing address is not legitimate 

Before shipping, always try to do research from your side with help of Google. If mailing address and pin code are legit then don’t sell your product to this Buyer.


There are a lot of scammers on eBay eCommerce platform. They all will try to convince you, but always beware of such scammers and remember some of the above checkpoints, which will eventually help you to find that a buyer is legit or not.  

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